N.I.S Online Contribution Checking System

The online contribution checking system (O.C.C.S) shows the number of contributions for individuals registered with the National Insurance Scheme - Guyana.

The database, which is refreshed on a quarterly basis, was last updated on February 05, 2016 and reflects contributions posted up to January 15, 2016. Next database update is scheduled for April 30, 2016.

When registering, please ensure that your N.I.S. number does not include any "-" nor "/" nor spaces.


A-123 4567 should be A1234567.

Be advised that any discrepancies with your records should be reported via our online queries system found in your navigation menu, under "My Queries".

Increase in Insurable Earnings Ceiling

Effective 1st October, 2015, the insurable earnings ceiling, which is the upper limit of earnings that attracts N.I.S. contributions, has increased from $170,812.00 per month to $200,000.00 per month or from $39,418.00 per week to $46,154.00 per week.

Employers are reminded to download a fresh copy of the electronic schedule which has the updated ceilings and contribution rates.

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